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Bopp Kogn Part 15 24.07 2021

Garden Session

17h at Panke

We invite you back to our lovely Garden Session at


We keep the good things going!


19hEl Bufonk
21hWan.Illa Nice


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Bopp Kogn

Bopp Kogn brings people together.
Originating from a unique connection between African and European Hip-Hop scenes, this is the first project designed to connect Hip-Hop cultures on a global scale.
Borrowing from West African slang, Bopp Kogn means around the corner and strives to empower local creativity by not only introducing new cultures but by encouraging it to expand beyond its own borders.
Bopp Kogn is a series of events that will meet its first apex with concerts, talks, and workshops in Thiaroye, Dakar (Senegal). Invited artists will travel to Senegal where they will have the opportunity to perform, skate, paint, beat box, and document the event.
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IBAN: DE04 1009 0000 2353 0830 00⁣⁣
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Bopp Kogn is non-commercial, non-profit and is made possible from grants, donations, and the of the people who work on it.

Do you want to contribute to the project? If you have ideas, comments or are interested in more, feel free to contact us: