Bopp Kogn




AdamZ aka. Adam Zett is a young Hip-Hop and RnB producer based in Berlin. His open and creative style adds as much quality to his projects as groove. In other words, a production from AdamZ means nothing but Energy and Versatility!

His latest project is an EP with the internationally known artist Andre Damar from Los Angeles. He gave his listeners insights into how the cold and hectic days in the Winter of Berlin sound like and gave his listeners a pretty strong start with much more coming!

In this cold and money-based musical environment of music nowadays, Heart and Soul are the main ingredients to his Sound!

Bopp Kogn is non-commercial, non-profit and is made possible from grants, donations, and the of the people who work on it.

Do you want to contribute to the project? If you have ideas, comments or are interested in more, feel free to contact us: