Bopp Kogn

Andre Damar



Andre is a street conscious rapper from LA. Andre is very gifted at adapting his style to others and his environment. He is a student of the culture and has listened to LA underground artists since he was young. Andre is a versatile rapper that raps about his street experience or your everyday life experience.

He's traveled all over the world and has met and recorded with rappers from different cultures and backgrounds. Andre has improved with every project he releases and though is locally known in his small city of Diamond Bar has grown over the last year in popularity with unknown artist and hip hop heads seeking new hip hop artists. Andre has suffered some losses in his life with people close to him and he often raps about it. Andre lost his dad when he was young. His best friend was killed when he was a teenager and he's recently lost close friends to various things.

Andre understands that though he grew up in Diamond Bar the gang lifestyle reaches out to all of LA County. He mentions this in his music. Andre was not a part of a gang growing up in LA but isn't a stranger to the gang lifestyle.

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