Bopp Kogn

Dian De Rockwell & Azura



Azura and Dian De Rockwell from BLN Neukölln's Brother from another Mother, gained their first experiences in the bustling nightlife of the city. As the so-called Middle Child Generation, they understand how to appreciate and respect both the old school of Boom Bap and the new school of Trap.

Over the years, the two artists developed an extraordinarily adventurous way of performing and honed their musical senses for combining rhythms and words to catalyze everyday problems, feelings and thoughts.
That's what art is all about!

Azura represents the street smart half of the duo. The mc with roots in Uganda and Poland grew up in WestBerlin and attended the Rütli School there at a young age.

Dian De Rockwell represents the half of the duo that grew up in the East. The musician is the son of the artist Providence Rockwell, which makes Dian one of the few German-speaking rappers who do this now already in the second generation.

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