Bopp Kogn

Carmel Zoum



A versatile Congolese/French singer, based in Berlin, flowing in English, French and Lingala, MC Carmel Zoum is a fiery force of nature on the mic, thrilling dancefloors worldwide with her groovy, beautiful melodies and hardcore Afro-dancehall vibes. She is mainly known as a dancehall/reggae artist, but also works with hip-hop, electronic and drum 'n bass producers.

As a teenager, Carmel Zoum sang in reggae bands in her hometown in northern France. Her fascination with dancehall is rooted in the similarities she could feel between the Congolese pop music she listened to at home and the modern Jamaican music. She left France in 2000 and moved to southern Germany, where she has been working with various dancehall reggae bands and soundsystems, as well as drum 'n bass and house DJs.

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