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DERRON started his musical career at the beginning of the millennium.

Taking his first steps he accompanies rappers like Fabster, Hecklar&Coch, as well as the EastSide Famlee as a support act.

In 2003 he was drawn from his home town Halle to the capital. In Berlin, hidden in the Universal studios, DERRON produced the album "Ihr kennt uns nicht!" (-'you don't know us'-) of the group Phonetik with well-known Berlin artists like Sookee and DJ Mesia.

During this time he also met Nonpareil producer Dennis Kuhn. Together they took the stage from 2008 on in order to heat up a rap-enthusiastic audience featuring artists like VisaVie, Noize & Nandez and Hammer & Zirkel.

Said project includes collaborations with many international musicians, such as the End of the Weak's co-founder Webbafied, the Algerian pop singer Zela or with Daveman, the front man of the African duo Foulaa System. With the release of his first debut solo album "Rap Is Liebe" DERRON returns to his roots.

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