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DJ Genys



Genys is a Lithuanian born DJ/Producer and Sound Designer currently living in Berlin.

Senior Sound Designer and Content Manager at Berlin based music creation and performance software (DAW) company Bitwig. DJ-ing and organizing events since 1997.

Participated in Berlin's regular event cycles such as "Weboogie", "Reggae in Wedding" at Panke, "Irie Tuesdays" and others. Genys' DJ selections vary from chill, jazz, world fusion, neo soul, hiphop beats, reggae, dub to rap, bass, boogie, r'n'b, electronica, afrobeats, house and beyond.

"There is no 'bad' style of music, or a 'bad' instrument, or a 'bad' effect. There are only bad tunes and good tunes in basically every style out there".

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