Bopp Kogn

DJ Rookie



A pinch of Bass and a whopping load of Newschool and Oldschool Hip Hop - so called True School - wrapped in fine breakbeats and scratches - loop 'n bow - can't be a rookie!?

Since 2014, DJ ROOKIE has dedicated himself to urban sounds, beats and rhymes and he was able to proof that at many shows in austria, germany, france, slovenia and in switzerland. Ill scratches on a diverse list of tracks and albums from no less than beat pioneer Figub Brazlevic, Classic der Dicke, Diggy Mac Dirt, Galv, Krawanesia, Dennis Real and other gems of german HIPHOP show that this 24yo is much more than a ‘Rookie’. The number of gigs he played are equally impressive as his support on shows of big names like MC BOMBER, TRETTMANN, REVERIE & DJ LALA, LANCE BUTTERS, FATONI, GALV, MÄDNESS & DÖLL, FIGUB BRAZLEVIC, SONNE RA, DJ LEGENDEN WIE MIRKO MACHINE, A.SKILLZ and many more!

After all that, he accompanies the Master of the Universe himself, Galv on the Wheels os Steel. Traveling at the speed of light they are turning the republic’s dance floors Star-Wars-like into the mainquarters of the rebellion. Here it becomes obvious that his scratches, sharp like knifes and his hand made beat matching cant come from a bloody beginner. Whats left is his alter ego, celeberatory crowds and ears, dancing samba with joy. May the beat be with you…

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