Bopp Kogn

Dope est Dope

DJ Duo


Dope est Dope is a music project founded by Lai Raw and Sixcube based in Berlin.
While Sixcube had been classically trained as a pianist and composer from a young age, Lai Raw started out later by DJing electronic music. The fusion of these different approaches creates a synergy that drives the team’s stage and studio dynamic.

Since their self titled debut in 2016 they have been gaining steady attention through high-profile Studio productions for a variety of Hip Hop and pop acts while also releasing the two follow-up EPs ‘NOW’ and ‘Watermelon Street’.

With their upcoming EP ‘Only Dope’ the duo opted against their usual carousel of guest vocalists thus stepping forward as artists themselves and minimising creative compromise. More than ever, this EP represents a playground for the two to experiment with new musical influences and means of self expression. Layered chorus vocals are juxtaposed with afro-latin grooves just to be broken up by sudden arrangement switches to make way for alternative track versions.

Never standing still and managing this mixture of ideas and themes into coherent songs is what Dope est Dope are best known for.

Bopp Kogn is non-commercial, non-profit and is made possible from grants, donations, and the of the people who work on it.

Do you want to contribute to the project? If you have ideas, comments or are interested in more, feel free to contact us: