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E.F started his music career in 1999. Inspired by the great classics of the 70โ€™s & 80's, and the 90's rise of the Hip Hop culture, he began buying records and spinning at students parties. His records collection was constantly growing and he kept on improving his technical skills which respectfully earned him his first live performance as a guest DJ at Berlin's Am To Pm in 2000, and as a result his first residency. In appreciation of his work, early fans liked to nickname him DJ Biggie. Mixing astounding sets, he strongly marked his freestyle fingerprints on the Berlin nightlife scene where he established numerous connections with world class DJs and producers.

From Underground and Old school Hip Hop and Rn'B, to Funk, Soul, and Reggae, always playing and scratching on the good old solid turntables while also staying up to date with the latest technologies in addition to mastering the art of live video turntablism.

References / performances: Diva Club, Far Out, 40 Seconds, Geburtstagsclub, Pearl Club, Palais, Universal Hall, and H2O - MBIA, Mauersegler, Wendel nstp Club respectively, Birgit & Bier, Cassiopaia and many others in Berlin. Bauhaus in Landshut, Bayern and at Q Lounge in both Berlin and the spectacular Kitzbรผhel skiing destination in Austria.

When back home in Lebanon, EF played at many of Beirut's finest music venues such as DRM, PRE, and Radio Beirut. In addition, and as part of spreading the mixology and turntablism culture to younger Lebanese talents, EF instructed upcoming Beirut DJs at the turntablism workshop with Lethal Skills in April 2017.

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