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Lai Raw



An original Third Culture Kid, Lai Raw’s mission is one of constant cultural exploration.

The multilingual artist, producer and DJ takes inspiration from his previous homes of London, Marbella and Berlin; exploring ‘place’ and the genres of Hip Hop, Electronic and Dance in his music.

Growing up in the balmy south of Spain, his sound is informed by the warm and melancholic flavours, while his love for breakbeats and skippy grooves stems from his time in London where he studied the local club scene during his audio production degree.

Now residing in Berlin, Lai Raw has built a reputation in the local hip hop scene, while also building a strong following through his collaborative project Dope est Dope, a project combining elements from hip hop, lofi, pop and electronic beats.

Other notable projects include releases on Krekpek Records and Dezi-belle, which solidified his presence in the instrumental beat scene; additionally productions for artists such as Lucio101, Sero or Babe Sila have allowed him to propel himself into more mainstream realms.

His newest release #RAWSAUCE Vol 1, a collection of club edits, signifies a shift towards a faster paced, dancefloor oriented sound, a sound he has been developing through his passion for Vinyls and DJing with his collective 195.bln. This new direction draws from London’s and Berlin’s diverse range of club music, offering a unique combination of electronic beats with a hip hop production approach.

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