Bopp Kogn

Mal Élevé



Mal Eleve, the co-founder and one of the front singers of Irie Revoltes from Heidelberg, stands on the stage together with his DJ and lets the crowd jump and freak out. Musically he offers an energetic mix of reggae, dancehall ska, punk and hip hop with political content in German and in French.

He has been tireless for 18 years with the band Irie Revoltes and as a solo artist on over 500 stages all over Europe, Russia, Egypt and Senegal and brings his socially critical content with determined but positive energy from city to city. Since the dissolution of Irie Revoltes at the end of 2017, Mal Eleve has continued to travel around the world with his DJ to create a better world.

Political and social engagement in projects and initiatives is just as important to him as music is.

The musical quake is guaranteed even without a band.

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