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"Nash" doesn't exist anymore!

In order to rearrange herself for her comeback as a solo artist, the female rap artist has withdrawn for a while.

One reason why we haven't heard much from her for a while, because in the silence lies the revelation and "Neshii" is the result of this self-discovery.

Anyone who knows Neshii knows exactly that when she picks up the mic, pure energy flows.

Then it merges with the beat and invites you to ride up and down your emotions in this harmony.

Your texts contain basic philosophical cognitive moments with which seekers in particular can identify.

She skilfully uses her talent as a tool to smash symbolic worlds and to build new ones, in doing so she makes use of the conflicts within her and draws from these sources powerful and meaningful guiding principles.

There is always that hint of madness in her voice, which is equivalent to an acoustic thrill.

When Neshii raps you listen, you sink into her world and sway yourself in this incomparable sound.

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