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Shaik van der HeLL



Shaik van da HeLL is born and raised in Berlin, Charlottenburg. While in Berlin, he found and nurtured his craft, inspired by his surroundings where he injects his soul into his craft. Playing mostly Old School Hip Hop, he fuses it german Hip-Hop.

His inspiration came to him one night, when he visited a club, in his youth, where he witnessed a DJ that was playing a sound that resonated to him: Hip Hop! Here he witnessed the true art of the genre. Since then, he has not looked back. Within Hip Hop, he has also developed a very intense interest in various styles like Jazz, Funk, Soul and Rock and even classical music.

A regular at Panke with Deck2Deck, his first booking outside of Berlin happened at a party at Los Enemigos in Magdeburg as a featured guest. Besides being a DJ, he is also an MC, launching from a hit release show at Panke for his debut tape 'Luxus Leben / 22. Abschnitt' together with Hang&Otto and their Rohkost LP in 2020. A sold out event that, until today, still has people reminiscing about it. Blessed with many talents, he is also a ‘’loopdigga’’, a producer, who is currently working on his upcoming album.

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