Bopp Kogn

Bopp Kogn Part 3 06.09 2019

22h at Panke

BOPP KOGN doesn始t just mean Soli Party to collect money for our Journey to Dakar 2020, NO this is just a RENDEZ-VOUS.
It始s about bringing people together and together Bopp Kogn Crew connects the hip hop all around the globe together.

Danke Berlin! 馃榾 The last one was mega and you want more!
We give you more: more Women始s on the game, more rhymes, more Mc始s and Dj始s are gonna stick together on the stage again AROUND DA CORNER and this show specially will be more fire!

You want to support, you want to celebrate, you want to exchange, or you just want to enjoy the cool vibes at UM DIE ECKE Pankes Culture on the 06 September we have this:



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